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Our aim is to showcase how our decisive technologies can help your customers decision moments. Topics range from strategic insights and best practice guidance through to more technical overviews and we invite questions so we can help you address your customers needs out in the field.

The Thales Tech Talk Webinar Series discusses the hot topics, latest trends, market insights and compliancy regulations driving customer demand today. We offer our point of view on: Encryption, Key Management, Identity and Access Management, Payment and General Purposes HSMs topics.

Please reach out to us if you have a topic that you would like us to cover and we will accommodate the request for future webinars.

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Customer Needs: Increasingly Cloudy - Six ways to accelerate your XaaS Revenue

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Gary Marsden
Cloud Services Director, Thales

17 September 2020, 11:00 BST (12:00 CET)

Today’s new normal has changed the market for data consumption and accelerated the need to protect data at multiple levels. With a feature-rich and comprehensive portfolio, partnering with an industry leader like Thales will help your business flourish.

Our technologies enable you to cross-sell to existing customers, retain higher revenues per partner contract and increase stickiness for customer retention. It helps open doors to new markets, obtain new customers and enables you to wrap value add services as a competitive differentiator.

Join Gary Marsden, Cloud Services Director to learn more about how the Thales New Normal provides unrivalled growth opportunities with zero investment, through data protection on demand, that can help accelerate your client revenues


Still using yesteryear’s technology to secure today’s modern High Speed Networks

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Peter Smith
Senior Sales Engineer, Thales

12th November 2020

Networks have developed incredibly quickly over the last 25 years, from low speed public and private network access to the high speed fibre and Software Defined Networks seen today. However, most of the sensitive data being transferred across modern networks still rely on the performance sapping, bandwidth hungry security technologies introduced decades ago.

Join Thales on 12th November to learn how ultra-efficient certified network independent encryption can be deployed to secure today’s networks whether private layer 2 or public layer 3 networks with end points located on premise and in the Cloud.


Increase VMware Encryption Security with Thales Key Manager

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Axel Debray
PreSales Consultant UKI, Thales

28th October 2020

The Industry leading virtualisation platform VMware vSphere® protects virtual machine files, virtual disk files, and core dump files with VMware vSphere VM Encryption introduced in vSphere 6.5. The solution leverages the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) for encryption key management and key vaulting. vSphere can be used with the CipherTrust Manager from Thales to provide the full range of protection for key management and role separation.

The combined solution delivers non-disruptive encryption, ensuring the security of VMs, the applications they run and the sensitive data they process. The combination provides a cost-effective and comprehensive solution that meets the most stringent security requirements. Leveraging hardware-based data encryption ensures no adverse impact to system performance.

During this webinar you will learn

  • Why encrypting VMWare is important for your organisation
  • How to integrate Key Management with VMWare
  • What the different VMware encryption methodologies are
  • Benefits of using an external Key Manager with VMware
  • How to meet compliance and security requirements with FIPS compliant solutions
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Smart Data Security - Reducing noise on your network

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Manoj Bhati
Pre-Sales Consultant, Thales

Organisations receive hundreds, if not thousands, of alerts and reports every single day from a number of different security solutions across multiple vendors. All of these solutions are creating and sending alerts which is primarily triggered to help organisations know if they are under attack.

The resulting data deluge makes it more challenging to identify and respond to the genuine threats whilst ignoring the false positives and the red herrings. Companies are becoming Cyber Fatigued.

Join Manoj Bhati, Pre-Sales Consultant at Thales as he uncovers how to avoid Cyber Fatigue:

  • Learn what Smart Data Security is
  • What is "Cyber Fatigue" and how encryption can help solve it
  • Discover the benefits and best practice insights by implementing a Smart Data Security strategy.

Dennis Verhoeven -
Pre-Sales Consultant, Thales

In a world where identity is the new perimeter, our mission is to deliver trusted access in a zero trust world.

Over the last few years cloud adoption has been very high. The efficiencies and agility of cloud services will become ever more attractive to organisations as they need to accommodate employees working from home. The need to expand on-prem infrastructure such as VPNs to support additional employees can be costly and operationally challenging. On the other hand, enabling users to log onto cloud services using a password exposes organisations to data breaches and security risks.

Authentication for the most part has relied on passwords, and surveys shows that despite the increase in data breaches, password use is actually going up. This can be attributed to cloud adoption trends – The pace of cloud adoption is not keeping up with security and access management implementation, hence organisations are likely defaulting to passwords for lack of a better alternative, despite the risks. 

However, the good news is that IT and risk professionals are looking for new ways to secure access and this need has been driving innovation in authentication technologies and methods. These include passwordless authentication, the FIDO protocol, Zero trust approaches and adaptive authentication.

Please join Dennis Verhoeven, Pre-Sales Consultant at Thales to discover:

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