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Key findings from the state of data security in APAC research

  1. 70% of APAC organisations have little or no cybersecurity program
  2. 50% focus on cybersecurity only AFTER an incident or data breach
  3. Over 33% encrypt sensitive data in the cloud but have the encryption keys held by their cloud provider

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Research Report: Data Security in Asia-Pacific 2019 (First Half Review)

Digital transformation presents organisations with numerous business advantages but it's not without its risks especially with data security. Are APAC organisations thinking about data security when they are planning to transform their business to meet the digital age?

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Research Report: ANZ Edition

Organisations in Australia and New Zealand across various industry verticals are undergoing or have transformed their business in order to move into the digital economy. Some have embraced online transactions, while others have released mobile apps. And countless more are moving to consumption-based IT models such as the cloud and DevOps. But has data security been top of mind during this transformation? Download this report to find out.

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Webinar On-demand Recording

  • Identify disruptive cybersecurity trends and the implications for the APAC region & India
  • Provide insights into opportunities to protect against data breaches
  • Share best practices on data protection IT Security governance frameworks
  • Assess the maturity of current and planned security technologies

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Rudolf Hotter


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SafeNet authentication solutions offered several key advantages, including easy-to-use mobile authenticators that have been deployed to employees' iPhones and Android phones, and the ability to support our future security needs by being able to implement additional security applications in the future.

— Rudolf Hotter, COO, CANCOM AG

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