Unmask hackers and protect your data!

Every day, 3.7 million records are stolen. So it’s not a matter of if your organization will be hacked, but when.

Join us in our fight against the enemies of cyber security. Will the villains of the hacking underworld prevail? NEVER! We’ve worked with our security experts to paint a vivid picture of three of the most common data breach scenarios. Our cyber investigators show you how to defeat the hackers and protect your data. Cyber security saves the day! To see how our experts unmask the faceless threats that attack your data every day, complete the form opposite if you want to receive a limited edition printed comic book in the mail or you can view it online


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Meet our cyber security expert

Jason Hart is a global award-winning cyber security expert and chief technology officer for Gemalto’s data protection solutions. He is a former ethical hacker with 20 years’ experience in the information security industry and has created technologies to keep organizations one step ahead of evolving cyber threats, including the world’s leading cloud-based authentication platform. He is also deeply interested in reducing and researching the risk of password theft, and is globally known for exposing a large number of major password vulnerabilities. You might even find him popping up on the BBC and CNBC, and reading his regular contributions to publications such as the Financial Times, The Guardian and Times.

Jason Hart, CTO, Gemalto

Jason Hart, CTO, Gemalto

Crowdchat: Help fight the enemies of cyber security

The data that underpins our world is under attack – who can save the day? Find out during the #SecureTheBreach Crowdchat on December 7 at 14:30 GMT (9:30am EST) led by Jason Hart. If you missed the chat, read through the full discussion or be looking for our blog post summarizing the conversation. You also search #SecureTheBreach on Twitter.

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Check out our Enterprise Security blog to hear the latest from our security experts on the latest vulnerabilities and how to protect your data using authentication and encryption. These topics plague many boardrooms, and can start conversations about what you would do.

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