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While the vast majority of global companies (95%)* have adopted cloud services, the "2018 Global Cloud Data Security Study" reveals that the level of security precautions applied can vary significantly by country.  

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  • On average, only two-fifths (40%) of the data stored in the cloud is secured with encryption and key management solutions. 
  • Half believe that payment information (54%) and customer data (49%) is at risk in the cloud.
  • Only half (57%) think using the cloud increases compliance risk. 
  • Only a quarter (25%) of IT and IT security practitioners revealed they are very confident they know all the cloud services their business is using, with a third (31%) confident they know.

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* https://www.rightscale.com/lp/2017-state-of-the-cloud-report?campaign=70170000000vFyc

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"The benefit of the cloud is its convenience, scalability and cost control in offering options to businesses that they would not be able to access or afford on their own, particularly when it comes to security. However, while securing data is easier, there should never be an assumption that cloud adoption means information is automatically secure.”

Jason Hart, CTO - Data Protection, Gemalto

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